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postcards from the pandemic

we haven’t been able to get together during this pandemic.

in March 2020, we had shows lined up, new songs for a new album to record, and so many plans for what we wanted to do with our music. like other musicians across the globe, all of these plans had to be put on pause during the COVID-19 pandemic. our band members are all either essential/frontline workers (including in the healthcare industry) or are partnered with one, so getting together to practice in our small jam space simply was not an option. this global crisis has been a struggle for everyone, and we are no exception. we had to struggle with exhaustion, isolation, mental health challenges, the death of loved ones during a time when we’re not allowed a comforting hug, and battling COVID-19 itself. and so, like so many of our plans, this band has been on hiatus for over a year.

but, like Maggie’s t-shirt reminds us, it won’t be like this all the time. we have done our best to get through this and we know that better times await us. we are all slowly in the process of getting vaccinated. we are welcoming new babies and new fur babies. some of us have tinkered with solo music projects. some of us having been able to stay in touch with each other through online gaming. although we have not yet been able to get together to jam, some of us were able to make a pandemic cover of a rather apt Postal Services with some of our friends, recorded remotely in our individual homes during the most recent lockdown/stay-at-home order in Ontario. we hope you enjoy this for now, until we can all see each other safely again!

special thanks to our friend Jules Kuehn for putting together this recording and video, and lending us their drum and bass skills!

we miss you. see you on the other side.

new year, new materials, new members, new shows

come see what we’ve been up to!


Scary Bear Soundtrack, So Sensitive, Rapport, Dad Sports
Thursday, April 9, 2020
Pressed, 750 Gladstone Avenue | 8:00PM | $10
Facebook event

thank you Bluesfest!

It’s been an amazing summer so far. We had an amazing time playing at Ottawa’s Bluesfest. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support us, who wrote about us, and Bluesfest staff for their fantastic hospitality.  And thanks Albert Chang for these stellar photos!

Lots of coverage for our Bluesfest performance, which you can check out here:

“Live music galleries: Ottawa Bluesfest, day five – Scary Bear Soundtrack” J. Probichaud, My (Life In) Music Lists, July 10, 2019

“Bluesfest: Day 5 Preview” Apt613, July 9, 2019

“Big year for Ottawa band Scary Bear Soundtrack includes spot at RBC Bluesfest” Ottawa Matters, July 9, 2019

We’re going to be spending the rest of our summer hanging out with our babies and kittens, jamming, and writing new material. Hope you all have a great summer too!

synths & roller derby

had a blast playing a synth set at the Art House Cafe this weekend as party of GEMINIGHT!, a fun astrologically-themed art party.  The cafe was decked out in purple and pink for the night, with tarot card readings, confession booths in the bathroom, and Party Girl’s fabulous playlist. It was a pleasure having our old band member Maggie join on stage – she’ll be playing with us at Bluesfest!

One more fun gig before Bluesfest: so so so excited to playing a solo synth set as the halftime show for some double header roller derby bouts, while Ottawa Roller Derby’s Bytown Blackhearts play against teams from out of town. THERE WILL BE LITERAL ROCKING AND ROLLING.

Roller Derby Double Header Bout (half-time show solo synth set)
Saturday, June 15, 2019
Brewer Arena, 151 Brewer Way, Ottawa | 5:30PM | Tickets $10 online or $12 at the door
Facebook event

rock & roller derby

Gloria’s roller derby name is (appropriately yet uncreatively) GUNS GLORIOUS

summer plans

Hey, did we tell you that we’re playing Bluesfest this year? And at a roller derby bout? We’ve got some grand plans this summer. Also, a solo synth set this Saturday night at a dreamy art party at The Art House Café – see you there for an astrally fantastic time!

Geminight! (solo set)
Saturday, May 25, 2019
Art House Cafe, 555 Somerset Street West | 8:00PM | $5
Facebook event

thank you / new album now out!

Ottawa, we love you so much. Our vinyl release party was like a dream – thanks for spoiling us with your support! We were amazed that it was a sold out show, and we are so sorry to anyone that had to get turned away at the door due to full capacity!
Thank you everyone who helped make this project happen, especially Salmon Ella for rocking out as an opener; the friendly staff at Black Squirrel Books; our supportive partners; our patient sound techs Amanda & Zach of Novusolis; our band photographer & merch helper Mailyne Morena; Erin & Mike at the Quyon Church recording studio; our talented graphic designer Kyla Hidalgo; Grant Harding for contributing his puppet artwork to our music video; and all of you wonderful people who make us feel loved! It was also Tiffanie’s last show with us before she moves on to other projects – thanks for the great years, Tiffanie, we are definitely going to miss you!


Scary Bear Soundtrack (photography by Lenny Wu)


Scary Bear Soundtrack (photography by Ming Wu)


Scary Bear Soundtrack (photography by Ming Wu)

polaroid - lenny3

Scary Bear Soundtrack (photography by Lenny Wu)

See more coverage of the vinyl release party on Photogmusic and Wildworks. We also chatted about the album and played a few tracks on CHUO FM’s Ladies First – you can stream that episode here.

You can check out our new album boomerang kids on bandcamp! Vinyl copies are also available in record shops in Ottawa like the Record Centre. The first review for the album is already out in Ottawa Life Magazines. Happy listening!


some photos from recent shows this year.

thanks, Clio for taking time between all of your opera reheasals to host this intimate house concert in Vienna!  you are rad.


IMG_5657 IMG_5658

MEGAPHONO is always a blast – and we love performing at record stores!


we absolutely can’t wait for our album release party on March 30 at Black Squirrel Books! preview and pre-order the album here, and check out our new music video for our single Pyongyang! We also recently wrote about the story behind the song on Soundposter – wonder if my grandmother will see it someday?

new album, new music video, new logos, new everything

confession: we’ve been so busy we haven’t had a chance to update you on ALL THE NEW THINGS.

First: OUR NEW ALBUM. we’re stoked to share with you our fourth album, BOOMERANG KIDS: recorded in the 100+ year old Quyon church by Mike Dubue, mastered by Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Phil Shaw Bova, album design by Kyla Hidalgo, album photography by Mailyne Morena.

boomerang kids

look at the awesome album art by Kyla Hidalgo

We’ll be releasing the record at our album release party on March 30 at Black Squirrel Books! This special show will feature live appearances by guest musicians Trevor Pritchard and Jared Davidson on french horn & clarinet respectively (they’re also on the record!). Our pals Salmon Ella will be opening for us.

Can’t wait until March 30 for the album? Our single Pyongyang is not only out for your listening pleasure, but we’ve also released the new music video for it, directed by SDC Video and featuring more puppets from our buddy and puppetry artist Grant Harding. (I told you we were busy!)

Kyla also designed a new logo for our band, so keep an eye out for our new t-shirts! (you can also order our t-shirts anytime here)


We did another band photoshoot with Mailyne Morena who produced some stunning work.

Our bassist Dannik HAD A BABY.

not photographed: the baby (photo by Mailyne Morena)

Oh and of course we’ve been playing shows, like Jumpin’ Joel Flash and the Magic Machine’s own album release party and the Apt613 Screening Party:

We’re also playing a few other shows too – so hopefully we’ll see you at at least one of these upcoming parties!

Chez Etienne #1 – Interstellar Arctic Rondo (private Vienna house show)
January 27, 2019
Vienna, Austria | 7PM
Facebook event (by invite only)

MEGAPHONO (early afternoon show!)
with Wolf Saga and Moscow Apartment
Saturday February 9, 2019
The Record Centre (1099 Wellington Street West) | Doors 1:00PM | pay-what-you-can | all ages
Facebook event

Scary Bear Soundtrack album release party & music video screening
with Salmon Ella
Saturday, March 30, 2019
Black Squirrel Books | 9:00PM | $10
Facebook event

we’re baaaack

we’ve been busy bees after taking the summer off!

A couple of solo performances at special events:

2018-10-25 Dissent book launch 1

Performing at the Ottawa International Writers Festival for In/Words Magazine’s Dis(s)ent Book Launch

2018-11-06 open mic LIVE on Elgin

Feature artist performance at LIVE on Elgin’s Open Mic hosted by Jumpin’ Joel Flash

An amazing evening at General Assembly opening for Pantayo after their kulintang percussion workshop:


photo by Ming Wu





the whole crew – Asians represent!

And of course, we’re stoked for our upcoming shows:

Apt613 Screening Party
Friday, November 30, 2018
Arts Court Theatre, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa | Ticket by donation
Website|Facebook event|Tickets

EP Release Prom with Jumpin’ Joel Flash and the Magic Machine
Saturday, December 8, 2018
Makerspace North, 250 City Centre Avenue Bay 216, Ottawa | 18+ | 7pm |$25
Facebook event|Tickets


Sunday, October 21 at 10AM: We’re performing live in Pod613, the mobile studio pod at Lansdowne Park! It’s going to be filmed as part of Apt613‘s Pod Jamz series for Apt613 TV. There’s standing room available if you want to join us for this special performance!