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Filming “Beaver Pond Forest”

On Saturday, we filmed the music video for our song “Beaver Pond Forest” in the South March Highlands area itself.  There was something special about using the forest as our green room, dressing room, lunch room, and film set all at once. Thanks to the wonderful hard work of filmmaker Toni Van Eeden and all of the cast who helped us out, we had a great time…as well as one of the most epic food fights this forest probably ever seen.

Stay tuned for the release of the music video!


Photo stills by Toni Van Eeden

new photos from our zaphod’s show

we want to put out a special thanks to photographer Jess Deeks for taking great photos of our show at Zaphod’s in June.

check out more photos on our photo page.

in other exciting news, we’ll be shooting our next music video this weekend. stay tuned for more pictures…and moving pictures!


Thanks to Julie Lalonde for having me on her radio show The Third Wave to talk about human rights in Namibia as well as our single Asian Fetishist.  You can hear the podcast for my interview here: (my portion starts around the 30:15 mark)

turn on the radio

Today I’ll be on the CHUO FM radio show The Third Wave to talk about human rights in Namibia as well as our single “Asian Fetishist”. Tune in at 4PM on 89.1FM to listen to the show!

one guitar string, two tires, and a fire

aren’t our shows always filled with exciting drama? at our last show at Zaphod’s, there was some excitement when cops ran past the stage to apprehend a guy going into the strip club upstairs with a gun.  this time we had to fight our way through fire to get to our show. okay, maybe not literally, but there was a huge brushfire in the forest near the house and the roads to my neighbourhood were blocked off, making it a bit more of a challenge than usual to get to the show at Pressed.

but we did it! and it was a wonderful night, of gourmet sammies, pink balloons, functioning drum machines, insightful spoken word, short shorts, and even a few covers.  we rocked out so hard, we broke a guitar string and two car tires.

special thanks to Jenna Tenn-Yuk and Carlo for putting on such a great performance and helping us organize this show. And of course, a big thank you to Jeff and the people at Pressed for providing such a lovely venue.

You can check out some of the photos from the night here:, thanks to Ottawa music photographer

Ming Wu.

catch us on TV today


Dannik, sound checking on the set

We had a great time at the Rogers TV studio this morning.


goofing around in the green room


working hard

watch for our performance of “Asian Fetishist” today, on the Rogers TV show Daytime Ottawa (channel 22, we believe) at 5PM and 11PM.

our performance of “Pyongyang” at Zaphod’s, June 13

found this video on youtube of our June 13 show at Zaphod’s. Thanks for filming this, Nicole!

TV and print

we’re going to be on the little screen! we’ll be performing our song Asian Fetishist on TV. watch for our performance this Wednesday, July 11, on the Rogers TV show Daytime Ottawa at 11:30AM (with repeats at 2:30PM, 5:30, and 11:30PM).  this is all to promote our show coming up this week, of course:

Thursday, July 12, 2012
with Jenna Tenn-Yuk
@Pressed, 750 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa
Doors at 8PM, Cover is $5


cartoon image by artist William Bradford (

we’ll be featuring a 2 women, 1 drum machine set up for the first time. and balloons. can’t wait to see you there!

in other news, we had an interview with Samantha Everts last weekend for an article for the newspaper Xtra. Thanks, Sam, for taking the time to write us up. Stay tuned to see us in print newspaper!