Monthly Archives: September 2012

beer tank.

If you’ve been following “Dear Di”, the sex advice column for the University of Ottawa’s media publication The Fulcrum, you might recognize the theme song in the videos:

That’s right! Scary Bear Soundtrack’s “See Me” is now the new theme song for the sex advice column. Thanks Toni for making this happen!

We’re sad to hear that Beaver Pond Forest, the subject of our favourite song “Beaver Pond Forest”,
is currently being cut down as we speak. Hope the deer find new homes.

In lighter news, if you want to find the band members tomorrow, we’ll hanging out at Beau’s Brewery in Vankleek Hill for Oktoberfest, practicing our pitching arm for the beer-filled dunk tank, where CBC Radio 1’s Bandwidth host Meg Wilcox will be taking one for the team for charity.

gloria got married!


we will return to our regular programming soon.