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Avid Napper’s picks for CBC Music’s Searchlight – Toronto region

It’s been an exciting week for Round 1 of CBC Music’ Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist. We’ve been discovering some great new artists through this contest. It kind of feels like Summer Camp!

Last week, I gave my picks for Searchlight, a list that has been growing ever since.  Today, I’ll share with you the favourite Toronto picks from Charles Lynch, also known as Avid Napper, who co-wrote and recorded our Searchlight entry song The Longest Night.

Charles says there are a lot of good songs and good artists, but the ones that sound a bit different really caught his attention. Here’s his list:

Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep voting for us every day!

In other news, A big thanks to Ryan on Apartment613 for playing our song The Longest Night on the radio show!  And tune in to CHUO 89.1 FM on Thursday evening at 5PM Eastern Time to hear our interview with Lina on her radio show Ladies First. We can’t wait to hear it.

youth basketball

Check out this awesome thank you card from Cambridge Bay’s youth basketball team, thanking us for performing at their fundraiser last month.

Aren’t they sweet?

Our picks for CBC Music’s Searchlight (so far!)

This week has been an exciting week for Scary Bear Soundtrack and Avid Napper!

Nunavut News/North published a lovely article about us in the newspaper. Julie Lalonde played our song “The Longest Night” on her CHUO FM radio show The Third Wave. And CBC Music host Grant Lawrence went on CBC Radio 1 shows all across the country to talk about us and play our song! My head is spinning from all this unexpected attention…

nunavut news north - compressed

We’ve asked you to vote for us as your favourite Nunavut band for CBC Music’s Searchlight contest (and remember, you can vote for us every day!), but I thought it might be good to tell you about our favourite musicians from other regions.


  • Erin Saoirse Adair: You may recognize her from Three Little Birds. My band has had the opportunity to share the stage with Erin a few times now, and each time she’s blown me away with her beautiful voice, her intelligent poetic lyrics, and her unique and skillful guitar/ukulele-playing style. Have a listen to her Ugly Song – it’ll surprise you.
  • The Split: This is a relatively new Ottawa band, but I’ve been listening to the music of the Brothers Chaffey (who make up part of the band) for close to a decade now.  The Split has a refreshing soul sound that is both new and old at the same time, and always dance-able. If you’re lucky, Mr Chaffey (their father) might dance with you at one of their shows.
  • Silkenn Lauman: These guys don’t need my endorsement. They’re already well-loved by the Ottawa music scene, and rightly so. I met Rolf when we played together for the Ottawa Rock Lottery a few years ago, and at the time he had mentioned this side project Silkken Lauman thing he was involved in.  Now that I know what he was talking about, I am really sad that I did not have a chance to dance at one of their shows before moving away from Ottawa.


  • Karneef: The first time I met Karneef, I was maybe 15 years old, he was maybe 16. He was sitting in the back of the school bus (I don’t remember where we were going) and he was slicing an apple with a knife. That was my first impression, Karneef sitting there, stabbing an apple with a knife. I thought to myself, “Shoot, I’m not going to mess with this dude.” Turns out he wasn’t actually that scary. Some time later, his friend Jason convinced me to skip class and we all went over to his parents’ house to jam with Karneef and some other guys. People always talk about how much they hated high school, but I didn’t mind moments like that.  I’m not sure why I’m telling this story but I guess I just want to say that Karneef has kept right on going since then. Some of us got sidetracked, but he never stopped making music that is as every bit as honest and weirdly wonderful as I remember him being.


  • HIGHS: You know, I have a lot of friends in bands and some of them are mediocre, but this band is one that I am genuinely excited about. They’ve already gotten quite a bit of buzz, and one of their songs is on the soundtrack for the film Adult World, starring John Cusack and Emma Roberts.  So keep an eye on these guys, because they’re going to be big. And yes, their drummer used to be our drummer.
  • The Strumbellas: This Juno-nominated band played a lot of shows with some of the bands I used to play in, including Hamilton Trading Co. and gatesgatesgates, and every time I saw them play, the same thoughts ran through my head: These guys are so sweet. Theses songs are so awesome. They were proud to play an old-timey style of music that you just didn’t hear all that often in the Toronto indie scene in those days, and they made that style their own. And of course, I’m always a sucker for beautiful vocal harmonies.

This is the list I’ve compiled so far. We’re still enjoying the process of discovering great new artists, at least as much as our limited Internet bandwidth will allow us!

And of course, don’t forget to vote for Scary Bear Soundtrack!


CBC Music’s Searchlight

CBC Music’s Searchlight contest is now happening! Please do us a favour and vote for our song “the Longest Night”, co-written and recorded with Avid Napper (Charles Lynch).

Click here to vote.

Remember, you can vote once every day! So help us out, and tell your friends!

The Longest Night

It’s been an exciting week!

This week we’ve released our newest song, “The Longest Night”, a collaboration with Avid Napper (Charles Lynch) that will be part of our upcoming split album.

The song refers to our longest night here in Cambridge Bay, which lasts 6 weeks in the winter when the sun does not rise above the horizon. It tells the story of two local hunters who got lost in the tundra last year, but managed to be rescued. It’s also meant to be the perfect soundtrack for pumping weights, throwing a dance party, or chasing a polar bear. Or, maybe, running away from a polar bear. It was mixed by North Bay’s wonderful Ben Leggett. Check it out!

We’ve entered The Longest Night into CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist. The contest hasn’t started yet, but when it does, we’re gonna be asking you for your support in votes!

Today, CBC Radio 3 host Grant Lawrence chose our song as an early standout for the contest! Check out what he had to say about us:

grant lawrence


Read Grant’s whole post here.

Finally, also filed under “exciting news that makes us dance”, we just noticed that our show in Yellowknife was printed in the Nunavut News/North newspaper:

news north newspaper

Photo shoot with Denise Lebleu

A big thanks to Ikaluktutiak photographer Denise Lebleu for her brilliant work. We had so much fun doing this photo shoot!

wine glass





high res

Thank you Yellowknife!

We had a magical night yesterday at Javaroma. Yellowknife! You always treat us so well.   We were so excited to meet other local musicians, and as usual, we were impressed by the talent.  Thanks to everyone who came out, and thanks for letting us play for you! We hope to see you soon.


xsushiworking on our set list over sushi

xchai tea latte


a little pre-show chai tea latte

javaroma show


photo by Marino Casebeer

javaroma show side


Marino Casebeer


newspaper article


Our show was even on the cover of the Yellowknifer newspaper.


march photoshoot

Yesterday, we had a super successful photo shoot with local photographer Denise LeBleu. She did a great job of making us feel comfortable and coming up with creative ways to express ourselves. We can’t wait to see the photos and we look forward to sharing them!

Remember, if you are in Iqaluit this week, you can see me performing at the Kickin Caribou Pub on Wednesday night. And if you’re in Yellowknife, we’ll be performing at Javaroma on Saturday night! Come out and say hi! You can see our complete list of shows here.

Also, Happy International Women’s Day! Sending out lots of love to our sisters everywhere.

Miley Cyrus as indie dream pop

NEW COVER SONG: featuring my lovely collection of guitar pedals.

never say we never try to connect with the youth. Wait, we’re not youth anymore?