Monthly Archives: June 2021

postcards from the pandemic

we haven’t been able to get together during this pandemic.

in March 2020, we had shows lined up, new songs for a new album to record, and so many plans for what we wanted to do with our music. like other musicians across the globe, all of these plans had to be put on pause during the COVID-19 pandemic. our band members are all either essential/frontline workers (including in the healthcare industry) or are partnered with one, so getting together to practice in our small jam space simply was not an option. this global crisis has been a struggle for everyone, and we are no exception. we had to struggle with exhaustion, isolation, mental health challenges, the death of loved ones during a time when we’re not allowed a comforting hug, and battling COVID-19 itself. and so, like so many of our plans, this band has been on hiatus for over a year.

but, like Maggie’s t-shirt reminds us, it won’t be like this all the time. we have done our best to get through this and we know that better times await us. we are all slowly in the process of getting vaccinated. we are welcoming new babies and new fur babies. some of us have tinkered with solo music projects. some of us having been able to stay in touch with each other through online gaming. although we have not yet been able to get together to jam, some of us were able to make a pandemic cover of a rather apt Postal Services with some of our friends, recorded remotely in our individual homes during the most recent lockdown/stay-at-home order in Ontario. we hope you enjoy this for now, until we can all see each other safely again!

special thanks to our friend Jules Kuehn for putting together this recording and video, and lending us their drum and bass skills!

we miss you. see you on the other side.