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Our single Asian Fetishist

New twee pop tunes just in time for Asian Heritage Month!

Years ago, I recorded a demo of this song using only the gear I had available in my little flat in Windhoek, Namibia. As fun as it was to write songs using children’s toy keyboards and cheap guitars – and we even made an adorable video for it! – it was high time to do a proper recording of one of our favourite songs to play. Huge thanks for Mike Kuehn for the recording. You can read the lyrics here. Don’t forget to buy the track on Bandcamp! Hooray for Asian Heritage Month (down with racism).

The great folks from Shot in the Dark filmed us performing the song – stay tuned for the video!
2017-05-13 Shot in the Dark

Catch us performing Asian Fetishist at Ottawa Race Weekend this Saturday!

Asian Heritage Month

2017-05-18 Hosting Ladies First for Asian Heritage Month

We’ve been so busy for Asian Heritage Month! We had the pleasure of guest hosting one of our favourite radio shows Ladies First on CHUO FM last Thursday, sharing our playlist of some of our favourite acts featuring female musicians of Asian descent:

1. Mitski, Puberty 2, “Your American Girl”
2. Belle Game, Ritual Tradition Habit, “River” (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
3. Japanese Breakfast Pschyopomp, “Everybody Wants to Love You”
4. Leejonghyun, Let’s Go to My Star, “Gx-339-4”
5. Ark Analog, Dirty Power, “Make Me A Mirror” (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
6. LAL, Find Safety, “Tiny Mirrors” (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
7. Novusolis, MEGAPHONO Volume Ten by Various Artists, “Halcyon Sky” (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
8. No Mistakes in Space, Live at Wolf Lake Studio, “Sometimes” (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
9. Janice Jo Lee, Sing Hey, “All The Times You Were Silent” (Kitchner, Ontario, Canada)
10. King Kimbit, Songs For A Boy “Cigarettes” (Gloria Remix) (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
11. (did you catch the sneak peek of our upcoming single?)

And the collaboration with the Asian-Canadian arts community continues! I’ll be playing a special solo set at Shanghai Restaurant on Friday, June 2. Come check out this fundraiser hosted by China Doll for the web series Past Redemption, also featuring our buddies May-Jun Li and Jumpin Joel Flash & The Magic Machine. You can get tickets in advance ($10) from Shanghai Restaurant, by calling 613-233-4001, or by writing to actor/producer Peter at Check out the event here.

Past Redemption fundraiser
solo set with Jumpin Joel Flash and May-Jun Li
Friday, June 2, 2017, 6PM
Shanghai Restaurant, 651 Somerset Street, Ottawa
Facebook event

Past Redemption Poster

it’s going to be a great summer

Ottawa Race Weekend poster

Folks, we’re so stoked about how fantastic this summer is going to be.  We’re playing Ottawa Race Weekend. Yup, we’re going to play the Festival Plaza stage and then immediately afterwards Gloria’s running the 10k race. Tiffanie will also be doing the half marathon the next day. Come hang out with us for some pre-race fun at the Ottawa Race Weekend!

Ottawa Race Weekend
with Whitehorse and special guests
Saturday May 28, 2017
Festival Plaza, Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave. W

May is Asian Heritage Month, so we’ve got a few treats coming soon. We’ll be releasing a new topical single this month, and shooting a video for it at the Shot in the Dark sessions. On Thursday, May 25, we’re guest-hosting an episode of our favourite radio show, Ladies First, featuring our favourite female musicians of Asian descent. We also wrote a special piece for Asian Heritage Month in Ottawa Beat, so keep your eye out for the next issue!

Oh and we had a lot of fun at JUNOfest! Check out some of the photos that Ming Wu took here

JUNOfest 2017 - House of Targ - by Maggie Woodley