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Alumni pride from Nebraska

Backing band member Christine’s old alma mater Chadron State College wrote a sweet article featuring the recent accomplishments of our band. Did you know have fans in Nebraska?  The article is well worth the read.

In other news, we’re still in the running for CBC Radio 3’s R3-30 this week. Will you vote for us?

we love house shows

house show 2014 - acoustic set before playing


A huge thanks to everyone who came to our house show last night! We hope you all had as much fun as we did. It was a great night of live music, savoury snacks, and lovely company.  We raised hundreds of dollars that will be going towards benefitting disadvantaged families in need in Cambridge Bay.  Thank you! And a special thanks to our fellow band Muskox Rodeo who put on a rousing sweet performance that often brought tears to our eyes.

house show 2014 - acoustic set2

 Christine’s opening acoustic set


house show 2014 - muskox rodeo

Muskox Rodeo

house show 2014 - sbs1

 Scary Bear Soundtrack, featuring guest guitarist Robert Mayne


house show 2014 - sbs2

performing our new song “Grind”

house show 2014 - sbs3 uke

 a rare live acoustic performance of our song The Longest Night

house show 2014 - audience


thanks for coming, friends!


house show 2014 - christine's awesome shirt Christine’s awesome narwhal & donut tee-shirt


We’re #2 on the R3-30 Countdown!

practicing with rob - filtered

 band practice

What great news for a Friday! Not only did we make it to CBC Radio 3’s R3-30 countdown for the Canada’s top indie songs of the week, but our song The Longest Night is the highest debut at #2. How did that happen? This is amazing!

R3-30 May 23 debut at #2

You can keep voting for us to stay on the charts next week by clicking here.

In other exciting news, if you’re in Cambridge Bay, we hope we’ll see you at our house show tonight. We can’t wait to show you our new tunes and our guest guitarist!

setting the stage
getting the “stage” ready for the house show

news updates from the north!

Hope everyone’s been enjoying the great weather these days now that winter is gone! We’ve been having fun taking part in Cambridge Bay’s Omingmak Frolics. We love this time of year!

We’re so excited that our song The Longest Night has been getting a lot of radio play on CBC Radio 3, and is now in the running for the R3-30! Fore those of you that don’t know, this is basically like the Canadian indie equivalent of Casey Kasem’s Casey’s Top 40s (side note: he’s been found!). This is big news for us, as the list also includes great musicians including Owen Pallett, Braids, Chad VanGaalen and Tokyo Police Club. Help us make it into the Top 30 in the R3-30 by throwing us a vote here:

The Arctic Journal named our music video for The Longest Night as their Video of the Week! They also called us one of Canada’s hottest acts, which made us blush. You should check out their article here:

And if you’re in CamBay this month, we hope we’ll see you at our house show!

fashion show sealfie
a little sealfie from the Omingmak Frolics Fashion Show

so many searchlight thank you’s

We are so happy to have made it to the top 10 acts out of all across Canada for CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist! We may not have won the whole contest, but we are so excited to have made it as far as we did.

But we would not have made it as far as we did without all of you! Thank you SO MUCH for your continuous and daily support. We are so touched that so many of you were voting for us – obviously, we would not have made it to the national Top 10 without your votes!

There is no way we can thank everyone individually for their support throughout Searchlight, but we are going to foolishly try to name a few people we’d like to thank:

  • Avid Napper. “The Longest Night” would not exist without Avid Napper’s part.  It was Charles, after all, that wrote the signature synth riff and drum beats, added his voice, and reminded his friends and families on a daily basis to vote for us.  He’s also one of the most successful collaboration projects I’ve ever worked on.  Avid Napper, you are awesome!
  • Ben Leggett, for mixing The Longest Night. You did a great job of working with our raw home-recorded tracks, and obviously people liked it!
  • Denise Lebleu, our official band photographer, who braved the cold Arctic climate to do an unusual outdoor photoshoot with us. I swear my legs are still blue from that bathing suit photo!
  • Jeremy Smith, whom I believe we have now promoted to National Director of the SBSFANFC (Scary Bear Soundtrack Featuring Avid Napper Fan Club)
  • The other Searchlight musicians! This year, we were so pleased to have discovered great new music.  We have a bunch of new songs to be added to our playlist that we can’t wait to play at our next dance party. We are so glad to have met you!  In particular, a HUGE shout-out to Team Mixtape! Also, to our fellow Nunavut musicians The Trade-offs.  We are so excited for you to arrive in Cambridge Bay next week! We can’t wait to go to a good old rock-and-roll show.
  • Radio show hosts: One of the biggest pleasures we’ve had during this contest was hearing our song The Longest Night being played on the radio! I still haven’t gotten used to hearing the sound of my own voice on air, but we were so happy to hear our song get some air play.  Special thanks to the following hosts: Tamara Fairchild (Modern Mixtape, CFRT FM Iqaluit), Allison Devereaux (Trail’s End, CBC Radio 1 Yellowknife), Lina (Ladies First, CHUO FM Ottawa – thanks for playing a whole hour’s worth of our music!), Loren McGinnis (The Trailbreaker, CBC Radio One Yellowknife), Mark Christie (Elicit Iqaluit, CFRT FM – thanks for playing our song EVERY WEEK. Wow!), Ryan (Whatever’s Cool With Me, CKCU FM Ottawa), Sook-yin Lee (Definitely Not the Opera, CBC Radio 1 (Jacey (Feel Real Radio, CKLB FM Yellowknife), Amanda Putz (Bandwidth, CBC Radio 1 Ontario), Julie Lalonde (The Third Wave, CHUO FM Ottawa)
  • the Journalists/Bloggers: Thank you so much for your great articles about us, Sarah Rogers (The Nunatsiaq News); Sarah Bradfield (News/North Nunavut); Finding True North
  • the Searchlight folks and other CBC folks: Mike Miner, Linsday Michael, Ann Lang, Alan Neal, Grant Lawrence , Judges Sarah Slean, Torquil Campbell and Kardinal Offishall

Remember, you can still download our song Victoria Island – all proceeds from the sale of this song will go towards Cambridge Bay initiatives, including the local food bank, the local dog rescue & welfare organization, and other needy families in town.

And for those of you in Cambridge Bay, we’ll see you at our next show!

Ugly Night

On today’s Searchlight vlog, we talk about what we do to have fun in Cambridge Bay. You don’t need to live in a big city to have adventures!

Check out this beautiful mashup cover that Clio Em from the pop duo Astronomy for Lovers did of our song The Longest Night and Erin Saoirse Adair’s song The Ugly Song, aptly named “Ugly Night”. Ukulele power!

Thanks, Clio!

A huge thanks to Mark Christie for playing our song The Longest Night on his Iqaluit radio show Elicit Iqaluit on CFRT FM. He’s been supporting us by playing us every week! Thanks so much!

Remember to vote for us today for CBC Music’s Searchlight contest. The whole contest ends this week!


Sunday afternoon jam sessions

we’re on your Google News

We were so happy to hear that our song was played on CBC Radio One’s Definitely Not The Opera yesterday! Thanks, Sook-yin! It was a pretty awesome episode to be on, as well, with the theme of survival. If you missed the original airing and you want to check out the podcast (without the music), you can click here.

For today’s Searchlight Vlog episode, we talk about food in Nunavut.  We show you a grocery bill and also my lovely little Arctic garden!

Remember, proceeds from the sale of our song “Victoria Island” will go towards local community initiatives, including the local food bank. So if our discussion about the food situation in Nunavut interests you, why not check it out?


You should also check out this piece I wrote about anti-Aboriginal racism, and why I can no longer listen to the Flaming Lips with the same love and wonder that I used to.

We were at an Epicure party and somebody told us, “You were on my Google News.” What? Oh wow, we really were! Cool!

you're on google news



Remember to keep voting for us for CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist! We’re in the top 10 for all of Canada…will we make it to the top 4?

Avid Napper speaks!

Throughout this whole Searchlight competition, we have been getting all of the glory, but we want to remind everyone that our song The Longest Night could not have happened without the wonderful collaboration of Avid Napper (aka Charles Lynch). The Longest Night is part of split album that Scary Bear Soundtrack has been making with Avid Napper. Together, we co-write and co-record the music, emailing tracks back and forth across Canada. So remember to throw some love his way!

For today’s Searchlight vlog episode, Avid Napper takes over! Now you can find out what he looks & sounds like!

Part 2:

We love his solidarity hat. Check out his page here.

If you missed our interview on Yellowknife’s radio station CKLB FM on the My Voice My Choice radio show “Feel Real Radio, you can catch it again on the podcast here.

Also, you should tune into CBC Radio One’s Definitely Not the Opera today (Saturday) at 1:30PM Eastern Time. CBC radio host Sook-yin Lee will be spinning our tune!

Searchlight Vlog Day 3: RABIES.

Ah, life in the Arctic. Remember that romantic time when two animal-lovers took in an abandoned puppy and then got rabies? Today we talk about the dogs in Cambridge Bay, and why it’s really important to bring a vet to Cambridge Bay at least once a year:

You can help out with that, by the way. Proceeds from sales of our song “Victoria Island” will go towards local community initiatives including Diamonds in the Ruff, a local dog rescue & welfare group. Check out the track here:


Remember to keep voting for us for CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist!