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this week the band got up to no good during a photoshoot with the talented photographic artist May-Jun. we don’t want to give everything away, but it did involve buying up all the pink paint in the store, skulking around behind the ugly City Centre building where all the homeless people have set up tents, and confusing the heck out of the guys smoking in the parking lot outside of the Orange Monkey Pool Hall. Obviously we’ll post the photos here once they come out.

for now, you can enjoy this video what I think was our best performance, “Squamish”, from our last show:


On this day, 58 years ago, the Korean War armistice was signed. Gloria’s grandmother, a North Korean who came to the South at the age of 18 when the split happened, has never seen her family since. Our song “Pyongyang” was written for her, the family she left behind, and all the North Koreans still on the other side of the DMZ.

Wanna do something about the North Korea crisis? Consider volunteering or donating to Hanvoice, a human rights organization dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of North Koreans.

the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild Cover Challenge

as honourary member of the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild, I decided to make a submission to the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild Cover Challenge by doing a cover of Lake Montgomery‘s great song Like A Time Bomb, which she wrote after she was thrown in jail in France when the racist cop didn’t believe she was American, because she knew how to speak French. I certainly didn’t do the song enough justice, because I only had one free hour to learn the song and record it, and my guitar/amp/computer are all at someone else’s house so I could only record on keyboard using my iPhone. it still was kind of fun though.

hear the original song here.



Wow! Richard from The Fifth Column blog mentioned us in a very kind write-up. Check out his blog entry here:

On a much sadder note, we were very upset to hear about Amy Winehouse’s passing away this weekend. Rest in peace, lady, your talented voice and unique songwriting was a great inspiration to us, as well as women musicians everywhere, I’m sure.


our last show

thanks so everyone who came out to Babylon last night for the Basement Artists show. What a beautiful last show, surrounded by amazing local artwork. we had a great time, great turnout, great audience, and great sound – you all are fantastic people. Special thanks to the amazing Marcus Lamoureux for organizing the event (check out Basement Artists, Paul Hogan for doing sound, Chris and Matt Groopie & the Bandits for being some of the friendliest bands we’ve worked with, and Adam Tupper for his skilful emceeing (as well as really awesome artwork involving scary Care Bears). also, thanks to the parents for coming out to see us! We couldn’t have asked for anything better, really, for our final show.

photos and videos will be posted soon, but for now you should totally check out photographer Ming Wu’s fantastic coverage of the event


at practice today we played our song “squamish” in loving memory of our buddy M.M. it’s been two years as of today. Here’s to you, friend, we hope you are in a happy place now.

taking a break…but just a short one

we’ve been alluding to big news lately, and we wish it wasn’t sad, but it isn’t all bad news. Dannik and Ainslie are both starting college in the fall (Ainslie’s actually moving to Toronto for the school year), and I (Gloria) will be moving to the African country of Namibia for the same time to work in human rights law. As you can imagine, Toronto-Ottawa-Namibia is quite the long distance, so the band has decided to take a brief hiatus until spring next year. We’ve had a wonderful couple of months together and we’re going to miss each other a lot, but we’ll definitely be back at it again next spring.

I promised it wouldn’t all be bad news:

1. During our time off, we’ll be recording a brand new record. This means that when you see us again next year, we’ll have tunes for you to enjoy in the comfort of your cosy bedroom! In fact, there’s a good chance that the next time we perform next year, it will be at our very own album release party!

2. You can follow my adventures on my travel blog ( which has chronicled all of my global wanderings, including the West coast, Europe, Asia, and now Africa. Last time I lived abroad (in the Netherlands), I discovered and became part of the intimate music community that comprises the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild, so here’s hoping that the face of Scary Bear Soundtrack will continue in Africa…

3. You all still have one last chance to see us before we go on break. We will be playing at the next Basement Artist series on Saturday July 23 at Babylon, which is this fantastic music and art show. Because this will probably be our last show for a while, we’re going all out. free treats. costumes. new tunes. maybe even strobe lights. and of course, the bear. DON’T MISS THIS. Show happens from 7 to 11PM. Cover is $15 at the door, but we will be selling advance tickets for $10 so definitely e-mail us ( if you want cheaper admission!

Basement Artists’ Music and Art Show: with Matt Groopie & the Bandits
Saturday July 23, 2011
@ Babylon Nightclub (317 Bank Street)
art show and performance
$10 in advance / $15 at the door – tickets available from band (email us!)

cafe nostalgica

gotta love going to bed with your ears ringing from the sounds of your own self rocking out. what a fantastic night we had. We headlined the Women and Eclectic Sound show hosted by Women’s World 2011 and there was a wonderful turn out, despite the fact that awesome rockers Kinnie Starr and Tanya Tagaq were playing the same night elsewhere. The WW2011 folks set up a lovely stage under a tent on the patio of Cafe Nostalgica, which made for the perfect setting of hot sweaty bodies rocking out at sunset, just like how our caveman ancestors rocked out.

Highlights of the night included:

* Random people walking past the show, stopping, listening, and then breaking out dancing in the streets.

* Some guy who smelled like gasoline offered to be our promoter.

* Everybody ate the Scary Bear cookies I baked! Yes!

and big big thanks go out to:

* Narmeen, Celeste, and the other WW2011 organizers for making this all happen

* Ainslie’s mom Rosalie who never seems to fail to be awesome and so supportive

* Kevin for hauling our gear to the gig

* Rob for hauling our gear from the gig

* Our friends who showed up to hang out with us

* Those girls in the front that cheered enthusiastically after every song

* the dancers

* Gasoline man.

We also made our big announcement at the show. We’ll be posting our big announcement here tomorrow. Stay tuned! In the meantime, if you were at the show and you took photos or videos, could you please send us the link in the “comments” section? We’d love to see them!


women’s world is here

so many things to show you beautiful folks!

first of all, one of the largest feminist conferences to happen in Canada is going on in Ottawa right now, and we’re headlining their party tonight at Cafe Nostalgica! This show is free, and features lovely ladies performing sweet sounds and also the scary bear cookies i baked yesterday to give away at the show, so basically you’ll be profiting by just showing up!

check out these bad-ass cookies.

finally, Richard Woodley has kindly provided a very excellent recording of our acoustic version of “Beaver Pond Forest” from our Rasputin’s Beard performance at the Masonic Hall. You can check it out on our video page.

see you all tonight!

Women and Eclectic Sound (as part of the Women’s World Conference
with Erin Saoirse, Heather Black, the Boys of Bytown and of course, Scary Bear Soundtrack.
Café Nostalgica (603 Cumberland Street.)
7PM to 11PM / FREE!
facebook event

feature interview in

the wonderful folks at Dream.Love.Grow interviewed us last week and their feature is finally up! Check it out!

hope you all survived Canada Day yesterday with minimal amounts of broken glass injury, hangovers, and sunburns. if you went to see the free concert held at the National Arts Centre yesterday afternoon, you would have seen our bandmate Dannik performing an emotionally moving solo during the breathtaking piece “After The War”, accompanied by the NAC Orchestra and the Unisong Massed Choir. And you might have seen other bandmates Gloria and Maggie in the first rows, bawling our eyes out. clearly we are not cool cynical scenesters.

this weekend we are recording our new album and rehearsing for our show (we’ll be headlining!) on Monday, America’s Independence Day. look forward to it!