Monthly Archives: March 2012

Back in Canada! (soon)

Hey guys, have you been missing us as much as we’ve been missing you? After a series of special solo shows in Namibia, Scary Bear Soundtrack is returning to the homeland to play more homegrown Canadian shows.

In particular, catch us at the following gig:

Wednesday, June 13
as part of Basement Artists’ “Music and Art show”
at Zaphod Beeblebrox

More information to follow!

Finally, enjoy this video of Namibian schoolchildren singing Scary Bear Soundtrack’s “See Me”:

Scary Bear Soundtrack on Namibian TV!

One of our fans has informed us that Scary Bear Soundtrack’s solo performance at the Red Carpet Magazine launch event on February 18 was televised by the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation. Scary Bear Soundtrack on national TV! We wish we could have seen ourselves on the little screen. Thanks Mark, for letting us know!

at the Red Carpet Magazine launch party

gloria and Namibian musician Micheal