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Searchlight Top 10 in Canada

Great news! We’ve now made it to the Top Ten for CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist. We don’t have enough words to tell you how grateful we are for all of your support. The last few weeks have been overwhelming in terms of many wonderful things have happened to us, and we just wish we could have a dance party with all of you!

For this round of Searchlight, we’re going to be posting daily “vlogs” (video blogs), featuring messages from us and footage of life in Cambridge Bay. We’ve never tried vlogging before, so hopefully it will work!

Here’s our first vlog entry, taken at the weight room (where Christine and I first met!) while we were working out and listening to CBC Radio 1’s Trail’s End with Allison Devereaux, as she discussed the Searchlight results with Grant Lawrence. BONUS: We are sweaty and wearing no makeup whatsoever. We’re hard core like that.

If you haven’t seen the video for our song The Longest Night, you can check it out here on Youtube. Remember, you can download our songs, including the Longest Night and our 2012 EP album here on Bandcamp. We love getting “likes” on our Facebook page, and we’re pretty chatty on Twitter.

And please keep voting for us!

Sarah Rogers wrote a lovely article about us in one of Nunavut’s biggest newspaper, the Nunatsiaq, which you can read here:  Sarah Bradfield also wrote about us in the Nunavut News/North newspaper. We’re just so dazzled by all this attention!

A big thank you to Mark Christie for playing our song “The Longest Night” on his CFRT FM radio show Ilicit Iqaluit last week. And more thanks to the Ottawa CHUO FM radio show Ladies First for playing our older but still rockin’ tune “Beaver Pond Forest”. Our other songs like getting the love too!

Finally: Avid Napper – you are an awesome musical partner. Thank you!! You do not get nearly enough credit for your awesomeness.

news north article2


We made the Entertainment Notes in the Nunavut News/North newspaper!

an arctic photoshoot

Well, we did it. We promised you a certain outdoor Arctic photo shoot, if we made it to the next CBC Music Searchlight round, so we did it. A huge thanks to Denise Lebleu of Denise Lebleu Images for offering to go out into the freezing cold with us.
outdoor photo shoot - setting up

setting up on the frozen Arctic ocean, trying not to slip on the ice


outdoor photo shoot - standing

photo by Denise Lebleu – look at the beautiful colour of that ice!

outdoor photo shoot - lying

photo by Denise Lebleu – pretending not to be cold

Well, the next time we promise to pose outside on the ice in the bare minimum for your support, hopefully it won’t be -25 degrees with the windchill. Brrrrr!

outdoor photo shoot - arctic bikini close

It was waaaaaay colder than I was hoping (-25 feels pretty warm when you have a jacket on!) and just look at how red our legs were getting! But it was nothing that a hot cup of tea and a hot shower couldn’t fix.

outdoor photo shoot - arctic bikini far

Hope you enjoy the photos!And remember to make it all worth it by continuing to vote for us every day!

Searchlight National Round

thanks national round

We did it! Thanks to your wonderful support, we are now Nunavut’s regional finalists for CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist! Please keep voting for us every day.

Remember, if you like our song The Longest Night, you can download it for free here:  And remember to “Like” us on Facebook!

Also, a huge thanks to Amanda Putz for playing our song the Longest Night on CBC Music’s Bandwidth! What an honour to be included on such a wonderful show.

Badminton fundraiser – new show!

A big thanks to Ryan from 93.1 CKCU FM for playing our song The Longest Night on his radio show “Whatever’s Cool With Me”! We love getting radio play!

We’re excited to announce a new show that we’ll be playing soon. We’ll be hosting the live music for the badminton fundraiser being held at the community hall in Cambridge Bay on June 7.  If you are in town, please join us! We are always proud to support local community initiatives and look forward to doing more.

Badminton Fundraiser
with Scary Bear Soundtrack
June 7, 2014, 1 to 4PM MT
at the Luke Novoligak Community Hall, 14 Omingmak St., Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
Facebook event

Finally, there’s only a few days left to vote for us for CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist! Right now we’ve made it to the top 5 for Nunavut, but we want to be #1 and move on to the national round…Vote for us here!

polar bear vote photo

Our Searchlight picks for the Regional Finals

Having you been voting for us?

A big thank you to Finding True North for writing about us in their blog post about CBC Music’s Searchlight! If you want to read about the other talented musicians that made it to Nunavut’s top 5, you should definitely check out this post!

Every Searchlight round, we like to talk about the new artists we’ve discovered and love to support.  This list just keeps getting longer and longer! Here’s our picks (and Avid Napper’s picks!) for this round:


Skye Wallace


Friends of Foes:




Murder Murder:




Janice Lee:

The Royal Streets:

The Marrieds:


Erin Saoirse Adair

The Split:


The Burn Ins:

Candace Copley:


Dana Sipos


Grey Gritt:


Old Cabin


Mitch Roberts:

Jen Miller:


Backyard Dreaming:

Diamond Bones:

Lakes of Canada:

Joey Langlois:


Fitness Club Fiasco:


The Medicine Hat:

Thunder Bay

aviva thierry:


San Felix:


Tomato Tomato:

Most importantly, don’t forget to vote for us as your favourite Nunavut band!

We’re Nunavut’s top 5!

WOW! We were voted to Nunavut’s Top 5 for CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist! Thank you SO MUCH, everyone, for your support in getting us this far….and don’t stop voting for us! If we get to the next round, we’ll not only be Nunavut’s top choice, but we’ll be making into to national round! Eep. Vote for us here.

Finally, a HUGE thanks to Mark Christie for playing our song The Longest Night on his radio show Elicit Iqaluit for the Iqaluit radio station CFRT FM. It’s so heart-warming to get support from our own territory!

our picks for Searchlight Round 2

A huge thank you to Tamara Fairchild for playing our Searchlight song The Longest Night on her Modern Mixtape radio show on CFRT FM in Iqaluit. It’s so great to get some airplay in our own territory! And another heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been helping to spread the word about our brand new video for The Longest Night.

Now that we’ve moved into round 2 of CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist, who are our new favourites for this round? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Of course, I highly encourage you to vote for “Team Mixtape” – the team of indie musicians across Canada that brought you the searchlight mixtape, which you should really check out. Those of us that made it through to Round 2 are as follows:

Besides Team Awesome Mixtape, here are some other great folks I’m supporting this round:

  • Backyard Dreaming (Montreal) – I’m really in love with the faraway sound of the background vocals from this band made of siblings. I wish they had more songs up so I could just keep listening. Vote for them so they can keep making songs!
  • Scott Lemoine (Ottawa) – When I first met this guy, it was at the bachelorette part of a mutual friend. We were doing karaoke at a bar in Vanier, and Scott blew my mind serenading the blushing bride with the most amazing rendition of Celine Dion’s “Power of Love”.  That night will be forever in my memories as epic.  If he can impress me that much with karaoke and Celine Dion, just imagine how he will impress you with his own originals.
  • Rachel Leclerc (Quebec City) – I met this sweet woman on Twitter, and she is the most enthusiastic tweeter I’ve seen during the whole Searchlight contest. She gets up early at 3AM to tweet. She also helps me practice tweeting in French.  You’ve got to support such an energetic spirit.
  • The Burn-ins (Elkford) – this band fronted by Kristine Lyall (no relation to the Inuit Lyall family in Nunavut, apparently) is from Elkford, British Columbia. Where the heck is Elkford? I looked it up on Google. Apparently they have a population of just a bit bigger than Cambridge Bay. It’s impressive to hear a band with such talent coming from a smallish town, so I’m happy to support them.
  • The Magician and the Gates of Love (Dease Lake) – …however, neither Elkford or Cambridge Bay is a match for Dease Lake, British Columbia, when it comes to tiny communities.  Look up Dease Lake on Google maps. There are, like, three streets and apparently some 300 people.  Cambridge Bay seems like a booming metropolis in comparison. And there is amazing music coming out of there! You will not be able to listen to their Searchlight track “I Want It All” without dancing. Piano! Horns! Catchy melodies! And is that a Clash influence?  Who would have thought?
  • Jamie Shea (Hamilton) – We’ve been voting for each other since Round 1. Jamie is the only other Searchlight entry I know besides us that has a song about getting lost in the snow in Northern Canada. Cool!  The similarity in theme, I mean, not the getting lost in the snow part. That would be freezing, not cool.

And remember to vote for us!
bunny vote

i have given up on finding catchy slogans. But look! An Arctic hare!



Music video: The Longest Night

We made it to the next round of Searchlight! Thank you SO MUCH, everyone who voted for us. We are so flabbergasted by the wave of support we’ve seen throughout this contest.

As promised, we are now releasing a little music video for our Searchlight song The Longest Night.

The video is a montage of home movie footage showing life in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, during the winters.  Besides showing the beautiful landscape that is the Arctic, we’re trying to convey the idea of the community having fun together to make it through the long, cold winter nights. Everything was shot by us here in Cambridge Bay.


Also, our song will be played on the Iqaluit CFRT 107.3FM radio show “Modern Mixtape” with Tamara Fairchild tonight at 8PM Eastern Time. You can tune in online!

Don’t forget to continue voting for us! Once a day, every day.

radio love and searchlight photos

So, a HUGE thanks to Lina from the CHUO 89.1 FM radio show Ladies First for featuring Scary Bear Soundtrack yesterday! What a fantastic experience. If you missed the interview, you can hear it here.

In other news, our song with Avid Napper “The Longest Night” is going to be played tonight on francophone Iqaluit radio station CFRT 107.3FM on the show Elicit Iqaluit with Mark Christie at 8:00PM Eastern Time. If you’re not in Iqaluit, you can tune into the show online!

Also, I hope you’ve been voting for us in the CBC Music Searchlight contest every day! Today is the last day to vote for the first round, and voting ends at 2:59PM Eastern Time.  If we make it to the next round, we’ll release a video for The Longest Night next week. Please go vote!

Here’s a montage of photos we made to remind you to vote.

i am standing outside

we are cold your votes keep us warm

then i got frostbite team mixtape

presenting the searchlight mixtape

Hi everyone!

We’re so excited to tell you about this latest project we’ve gotten involved in.  A bunch of musicians from across Canada have gathered together (well, online, rather than physically…Canada’s a big country) to create a mixtape.  Just for you! Free!

So if you’re looking for some music to listen to, you can download this mixtape for free here, or stream it online, or whatever you want to do.

(also, don’t forget to vote for us today for CBC Music’s Searchlight Contest for Canada’s Best New Artist! Today, and every day till we get kicked out of the contest…)


16 indie bands from across Canada meet for the first time and release a promotional mixtape all in one week

March 31, 2014: Within one week 16 indie bands from across the country met on the internet, loosely associated themselves with each other, and acted as a team to release a cross-promotional, “searchlight mixtape”. The platform that allowed them to find each other was CBC Music’s Searchlight, an internet competition in which fans vote for regional bands across Canada. Bands are known to trade votes by encouraging their own fans to vote for other acts they might partner with, a popular strategy that is encouraged by CBC Music. However, these 16 bands took it in a new direction by not requiring vote-swapping, and instead pooling resources to create a shared promotional item and social media platform. Even though the bands had never heard each other’s music before, and were from all corners of Canada (including two from within the arctic circle), they found a group of like-minded artists to put out a cohesive album of a sample of Canada’s musical landscape. The idea first came to Predator/Prey and Erin Saoirse Adair, two bands who had met on the first day of the competition through email and were discussing cross promotional ideas. Noticing that they were discovering amazing artists in all regions of Canada, they quickly realized that beyond votes, an opportunity for an amazing mixtape was presenting itself. Both bands reached out to their discoveries, and from them got support, as well as other suggestions of great artists. The mixtape and links to the bios of the 16 bands is hosted as a zipped mp3 bundle on Predator/Prey’s website, as a downloadable stream on Soundcloud, and a stream on CBC Music (see links below). The music on it, as well as the loose association of bands reflects an eclectic mix of the best discoveries in the first week of the contest. It ranges from dark intricate folk to soulful trip-hop to murder-bluegrass balads to post-rock.






Moonriser (Halifax) –
David Newberry (Vancouver) –
Skye Wallace (Vancouver) –
Predator/Prey (Yellowknife) –
IsKwe (Winnipeg) –
Erin Saoirse Adair (Ottawa) –
Dana Sipos (Yellowknife) –
Solhounds (Winnipeg) –
Megabro (Edmonton) –
Scary Bear Soundtrack featuring Avid Napper (Iqaluit) –
Old Cabin (Whitehorse) –
Murder Murder (Sudbury) –
Rob Mitchell (Kitchener-Waterloo) –
Stanton Paradis (Vancouver) –
Danniel Oickle (Montreal) –
Clio Em (Calgary) –