Bluesfest & Dominionated

scary bear fan

Our bassist’s baby has excellent taste in music

We’re playing at Bluesfest this Sunday! Come out to the Barney Danson Theatre on July 17 at 8PM to catch a full hour of an intimate performance that we’ve been practising for forever. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch some Pokémon.

We had a chance to model the new festival fashion line from fashion designer Kania at the Bluesfest pre-party last week. Check out the fab photos:

On Canada Day, we released a brand new track, a synth-pop shoegaze cover of Tegan and Sara’s “I Hear Noises”. It’s part of Quick Before It Melts’ compilation album DOMINIONATED THE THIRD, celebrating Canadian music by having Canadian musicians cover other Canadian musicians. Check out our tune and download the whole album for free here

Finally, some photos from last month’s shows at Babylon’s Sabbath party, as well as the SAW Gallery art exhibition opening party as part of the National Campus & Community Radio Conference (Thanks Lenny and Ming Wu for the photos)!

New Mama Bear!

So thrilled for our bassist Dannik who is now a new mom! Congratulations, Dannik! And welcome, Pearl!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

While Mama Bear is resting with Baby Bear, we’ve got a couple of shows as a three-piece band coming up.

Sabbath Poster

We’re playing Babylon Nightclub’s weekly Sabbath dance party series!

June 5, 2016, 10:00PM
Babylon Nightclub, 317 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, $5
Facebook Event


And big thanks to CHUO FM for hooking us up with SAW Gallery’s Summer Opening Party, celebrating new exhibition openings at the gallery, as part of the National Campus and Community Radio Conference.

CHUO FM PRESENTS: SAW Summer Opening Party
with Telecomo & Crabe
June 9, 2016, 7PM
SAW Gallery, 67 Nicholas Street, Ottawa, Ontario, FREE
Facebook Event



new band photos

We did a photoshoot with Ottawa photographer Jess Deeks on the roof of local firm Jackpine. Check out our new band pics!


photo by Jess Deeks


photo by Jess Deeks


photo by Jess Deeks


photo by Jess Deeks


photo by Jess Deeks


photo by Jess Deeks


Looking for a podcast to listen to? We had the pleasure of being interviewed for the podcast series Stonehall Sessions, where we had a lot of fun exploring in-depth what it’s like to run out of water, how to record music in your bedroom in Nunavut, our terrible childhood memories about the Kiwanis Music Festival, and Phil Collins versus Peter Gabriel. Thanks Adam and Riley! You can listen to it on iTunes here

In other exciting news, now when you call the City of Ottawa, if you’re put on hold, you’ll hear our music! Along with Merganzer, Pony Girl, Loon Choir and Bonnie Doon… Sure beats elevator music, right? Check out the playlist here.


It’s been a busy couple of months! We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Alan Neal from CBC Radio One’s All in a Day about our song My First Northern Lights. I also did a solo set as the featured artist at Cafe Nostalgica, hosted by the lovely Amanda Lowe.

5-5 cafe nostalgica

Finally, we’ll be playing at Babylon for our next show – see you there!

June 5, 2016, 10:00PM
Babylon Nightclub, 317 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Babely Shades + Debaser = <3

pressed - full band

Thanks Babely Shades and Debaser for putting on this great show at Pressed! Also to the other great performers – what a rad night. Special props to our bassist, who is not only pretty much nine months pregnant, but also walked away from a car accident on her way to the show. She didn’t let that stop her from walking straight on to the stage and rocking out.

pressed - me and dannik

Thanks National Hum from CKCU et merci aussi Sous-Sol 819 (CHUO FM) for talking about us on your radio shows!

Oh, have we mentioned that WE ARE PLAYING BLUESFEST THIS YEAR? Come party with us on Sunday July 17 at the Barney Danson stage.

Oh, also, have we mentioned, we have Instagram now?

Speaking of Instagram Thanks Nine of Nine for the Instagram!

#scarybearsoundtrack @gloriaguns @scarybearsoundtrack

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Pressed poster

We’re playing at Pressed this Saturday! This show is day 2 of #DIYSpring, hosted by Babely Shades and Debaser, two of our favourite music things in Ottawa.  We love this lineup. We love everything about it. See you there!

Big thanks to David Yazbeck for interviewing us on his CKCU FM show Thursday Special Blend last week, as well as Mitchell Caplan on his CHUO FM show Click Here so we could talk about our upcoming show at Pressed. National Hum also played our music on CKCU FM as well – thanks so much for the support!

and yes, we entered CBC Searchlight this year. you can check out our live video and song My First Northern Lights here.

finally, enjoy these photos from our last show at Zaphod’s.

x dannik closeup x group shot off stage  x kevin x me closeup x side shot



Zaphod’s with Language Arts


scary bear soundtrack at Zaphod’s

Last night’s show was a blast. We loved performing with our new keyboardist Tiffanie Tri.  Big thanks to Bonvivant16 for putting on this show; to Language Arts for your sweet sounds (and having us open for you); and to Zaphod’s for having a super respectful sound tech & letting us have a sneak taste of the brand new just-for-Zaphod’s Beau’s beer Life, the Universe & Everything (best sci fi series ever!)

Thanks also to Owen Maxwell for interviewing us on his CKCU FM radio show In Tune!

When’s the next dance party, you ask? I’M GLAD YOU ASKED.

DYI Spring Pressed Show.jpg

we are so, so, so stoked to be part of this show, presented by Debaser and Babely Shades, two of our fave music peeps in Ottawa. sharing the stage with some fantastic music folks.  Tiffanie will be travelling through Australia, so we’ll be back to our three-piece arrangement temporarily, but Dannik will be EVEN MORE PREGNANT. plus this show is pay what you can, all ages, and in a fairly accessible space, so everyone is welcome to dance with us!

Debaser & Babely Shades presents DIY Spring
with Melody McKiver, AH-MER-AH-SU, AKI
April 9, 2016, 8:00PM, all ages, pay what you can (suggested $8), accessible venue
Pressed Urban Gourmet Sandwich Bar, 750 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, Ontario
Facebook event

Opening for Language Arts at Zaphod’s

OH HEY. Have we mentioned that this is happening??

picture of language arts - zaphods poster

This is gonna be a good show. Why? Well, for one thing, TO MEET OUR NEW KEYBOARDIST:

band of four

full band!

We met Tiffanie Tri through Otawa Rock Camp 4 Girls (she’s one of the organizers…not one of the campers…) and she’s awesome.

Oh, and another reason: to see this super preggie cutie:

Dannik is pregnant


See you there!

oh yeah, also!

  • Thanks Jordan, for playing our music on your CKCU show Nothing to See Hear. Thanks as well to Ladies First and the Third Wave on CHUO FM – so honoured to be on such great shows!
  • Feeling like giving back to your community? Support A.R.T. Night, a fundraising dinner to support youth entrepreneurship. We were happy to donate one of our CDs as one of the auction items – it’s a great cause!
  • Thanks Vanessa Vanelli for interviewing us about our experience with Searchlight last year! Have a listen here:

Happy Lunar New Year

We may seem quiet these days but we’ve been busy. One of us is back in school. One of us is about to have a baby. We’re also trying out a new band member!

I (Gloria) played a solo gig at the Museum of Nature’s Nature Nocturne as part of their Lunar New Year themed party. You can read about it here and here (Thanks Ming Wu for the photo!)

photo by Ming Wu


Language Arts + Scary Bear Soundtrack
March 16, 2016, 8:30PM
Zaphod Beeblebrox, 27 York Street, Ottawa
Facebook Event

Happy Holidays!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope the holidays have treated you well. We made it on to several “Best of 2015” lists, which is a great way to end a great year!

Some of our favourite things that people said about our music in 2015:

“In Canada, we do best musically as innovators, like Crystal Castles. This band, maybe they’re not working in a pop format, but I think that’s good. I think there’s a real temptation living so close to the border to ape American culture, or try to come up with a facsimile of what’s popular, what’s dictated by the States. This band is weird. And very Canadian.” -Dan Boeckner (Handsome Furs, Wolf Parade, Operators) on CBC Radio’s Q

“The six-song Ovayok Road is a whirlwind of fun dream pop with hints of shoegaze. The songs are beautifully imagined, layered with synths and vocal harmonies that together create a truly euphonic experience.” –Matias Munoz, Mixtape Magazine

“There have been few releases that radiate as much warmth as this formerly Nunavut-based (now Ottawa) group’s latest EP does. The synth-pop songs don’t need a lot to keep listeners happy; a catchy beat that will have you grooving along, a few refrains, and of course the lush lyrics that transport you away. The self-titled track guides you with shimmery guitars and a lo-fi backing beat as it implores you: “C’mon let’s spend the night outside/Yes I know you’re afraid of mosquito bites.” “My First Northern Lights” commands you to unplug and connect with the natural wonders around you. “Blanket Burritos” is a heavy-sounding tribute to warmth itself. The majesty of the arctic is detailed by “Victoria Island,” and it all draws to a close with the celebratory “Water Truck.” Not an ounce of filler here.” –Grayowl Point

“Nunavut synthpop! Scary Bear Soundtrack have fully arrived with their debut EP Ovayok Road. Way up in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Gloria Guns and Christine Aye have been quietly making some excellent bedroom synthpop, including one of our favourite songs of last year, “Manic Pixie Dream Girl.” Their sound has grown leaps and bounds, fuller, and more completely realized. It’s great to see another highlight from last year’s The Longest Night, the incredible “Fault Lines”, make the cut on this release. But every song on this record has its own special appeal, and there’s a lot range and diversity in sound throughout the EP. If we had to pick a favourite, it’s the remarkable “Victoria Island”, a super-hooky and propulsive synth-pop number with endless replay value. We couldn’t be more impressed.” –Silent Shout

“‘The Longest Night’ ft. Avid Napper is a night-time synth-pop landscape, vivid and cool, showcasing Gun’s vocals against atmospheric electronic and restrained beats.” –
Lina Asfour-Muir, Host of Ladies First, CHUO FM.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to what 2016 will bring. Stay tuned for new show announcements coming soon!

Mom made her yummy traditional New Year soup, 떡국! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

A photo posted by Gloria Guns (@gloriaguns) on Jan 1, 2016 at 7:35pm PST



ochsfest - poster


I had a great time yesterday at the Phil Ochs Festival! It was a pleasure meeting all sorts of great folks, including Phil’s sister Sonny Ochs, Tony Turner of the famous Harperman legend, and so many talented artists. What a lovely community. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Big love to Erin Saoirse Adair for making this all happen!

ochsfest - tony turner

That’s Tony Turner from Harperman!

ochsfest - Douglas Cardinal

ochsfest - ladies

two of my favourite Ottawa lady musicians Erin Saoirse Adair and Nine of Nine, plus Sonny Ochs!

You can hear our electronic dance cover of Outside of a Small Circle of Friends here:

In other news, big thanks to Silent Shout for including our song Victoria Island in their list of Best Music of 2015!

Finally, the winter solstice on December 21 marks the longest night of the year. But don’t worry – we’ll get through this night!