Babely Shades + Debaser = <3

pressed - full band

Thanks Babely Shades and Debaser for putting on this great show at Pressed! Also to the other great performers – what a rad night. Special props to our bassist, who is not only pretty much nine months pregnant, but also walked away from a car accident on her way to the show. She didn’t let that stop her from walking straight on to the stage and rocking out.

pressed - me and dannik

Thanks National Hum from CKCU et merci aussi Sous-Sol 819 (CHUO FM) for talking about us on your radio shows!

Oh, have we mentioned that WE ARE PLAYING BLUESFEST THIS YEAR? Come party with us on Sunday July 17 at the Barney Danson stage.

Oh, also, have we mentioned, we have Instagram now?

Speaking of Instagram Thanks Nine of Nine for the Instagram!

#scarybearsoundtrack @gloriaguns @scarybearsoundtrack

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