Opening for Language Arts at Zaphod’s

OH HEY. Have we mentioned that this is happening??

picture of language arts - zaphods poster

This is gonna be a good show. Why? Well, for one thing, TO MEET OUR NEW KEYBOARDIST:

band of four

full band!

We met Tiffanie Tri through Otawa Rock Camp 4 Girls (she’s one of the organizers…not one of the campers…) and she’s awesome.

Oh, and another reason: to see this super preggie cutie:

Dannik is pregnant


See you there!

oh yeah, also!

  • Thanks Jordan, for playing our music on your CKCU show Nothing to See Hear. Thanks as well to Ladies First and the Third Wave on CHUO FM – so honoured to be on such great shows!
  • Feeling like giving back to your community? Support A.R.T. Night, a fundraising dinner to support youth entrepreneurship. We were happy to donate one of our CDs as one of the auction items – it’s a great cause!
  • Thanks Vanessa Vanelli for interviewing us about our experience with Searchlight last year! Have a listen here:
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