NWT Pride this weekend!

Hey Yellowknife! This weekend we’ll be rocking out at NWT Pride – will we see you there in the Pride Garden on Sunday at 9PM? We’ll have copies of our brand new EP Ovayok Road, and you will be the first ones to have a chance to get it, before the rest of Canada. Northern pride!

NWT Pride poster finalPride.Schedule_vFinal

If you’re not in Yellowknife, you can catch us at our show in Ottawa or in Waterloo.

This album release wouldn’t have been possible, of course, without the support of our fans, especially those of you who supported us through Indiegogo! We not only met our goal, but sailed right passed it! If you bought a perk with your contribution, expect your order to arrive in the new few weeks. Thank you!

Speaking of album release, a huge thank you to Kevin Kablutsiak from CBC Iqaluit for interviewing us about our EP. Check out this lovely piece from CBC about the upcoming album.

Thanks as well to the wonderful Julie Lalonde for talking about our upcoming album release party this week on her Third Wave radio show on CHUO FM. We always appreciate her support and her feminist news.

We love you, world! See you in Yellowknife!

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