Pics from our Rainbow gig


1. scary bear soundtrack

What fun time we had at the Rainbow on Thursday night! We danced so hard we got cramps. We loved seeing all of your faces there! CBC News Ottawa highlighted the show as one of the must-see live music shows for the weekend – and that was with the Ottawa Jazz Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival happening the same weekend. A huge thanks to Tribe Royal and Murder Murder for being such great folks.

1. sbs closeup

1. murder murder


Murder Murder

1. murder murder from above

1. Tribe Royal
 Tribe Royal


Due to the thunderstorms, and our synths not being thunderstorm-proof, the solo synth set scheduled at Winston Square for June 21 has been re-scheduled to Sunday July 12, which will hopefully feature better weather. Make sure you come out to check out the very special performance I’ve worked out, accompanying the live artwork of Ottawa visual artist Mailyne Briggs.


and I might be wearing a special custom-designed outfit

by local fashion designer Brandi of Sabrina Jade Modeling

We’ve been pretty busy working on our music video for Fault Lines with Mailyne as well. Last week we shot another scene, while I got to pose pose in another wardrobe creation by Brandi. The media’s already begun to anticipate the release of our video, which will be this fall. Dana Bowen, reporter for Northern News Services, wrote an article about the shooting of our video:

Nunavut News North June 2015 p1Nunavut News North June 2015 p2image_1

     Meanwhile, our Indiegogo campaign continues! Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of our new album Ovayoak Road!


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