CBC Music Searchlight Finalists

WHAT! We made it to the final round of CBC Music’s Searchlight? How did this happen? Somehow it’s gone from 3000 bands to 4! Our heads are still spinning.

Here’s what Dan Boeckner, of Handsome Furs, Wolf Parade, and Operators, and also the Searchlight judge who picked us, had to say about our music:

In Canada, we do best musically as innovators, like Crystal Castles. This band, maybe they’re not working in a pop format, but I think that’s good. I think there’s a real temptation living so close to the border to ape American culture, or try to come up with a facsimile of what’s popular, what’s dictated by the States. This band is weird. And very Canadian.

We’re tickled pink to be called weird and Canadian! How about some weird Canadian selfies showing our reaction?


top4 selfie christine

Christine, standing outside without a parka on an unusually warm day in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut (only -11 with the windchill!)

top4 selfie gloria

Gloria, in the bathroom of the Supreme Court of Canada, which was where she happened to be when she heard the news

We enjoyed being interviewed last Wednesday by Alan Neal on CBC Radio 1’s All in a Day. Thanks Lenny Wu for recording our interview! (You can hear it here). We also had a lovely chat in an interview with Feliks Gawor, host of CBC North’s Tusaajaksat in Rankin Inlet. And thanks, Tom Allen, for playing our song Fault Lines on CBC Music’s Shift!

OH. And we got some love from Torquil Campbell from Stars, so excuse while we squeal like little girls.

torquil campbell loves us

Well, while we let this all get to our heads…the voting period may now be finished, but you can still support us by sending us your “End Violence Against Women” selfies that we’ll be using for our Fault Lines Music video. More info here at the Fault Lines Project.


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