Searchlight Round 3 and more radio love

halloween - me and christine in car

Using this awkward photo from last Halloween to show our gratitude and excitement

We made it to Round 3 of CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist! That means we’re in the top five of our region, Nunavut. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us! Don’t forget to keep voting for our song Fault Lines.

We’ve been getting so much love from radio and web lately! In a recent article, CBC Music producers recommended that if people liked Grimes, they should check out our music. What an honour to be compared to such a creative, independently-spirited, talented & super smart musician! Check out CBC Music’s other music recommendations here.

Grant Lawrence also highlighted us as one of his music picks in his Searchlight Round 2 stand-outs. He wrote:

This amazing electro-pop duo from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, made it all the way to the National Top Ten of Searchlight 2014, so it’s great to see them back, and with another melodic, hypnotic beauty of a song. And I love the irony that one of Searchlight’s hottest bands for two years in a row comes from the coldest place.

Big thanks to other musicians who have been supporting our music with their kind words on Facebook as well, including Aidan Mayes and Mandy Cole, Girl Meets Bear, and Grace Hrabi. We’re sad they didn’t make it further in Searchlight, but we’re happy to have had a chance to meet them! Please check out these fabulous musicians for a chance to discover cool new music!

A special thanks to SHATTERJAPAN for helping us spread the word about our Fault Lines Project.

In non-Searchlight news, one of our favourite radio stations CHUO FM is currently doing their annual funding drive.  Please make a donation to this wonderful community radio station which has been supporting our music (and other independent musicians) way before any other station did. They have great programming, including No Filter, Ladies First, the Third Wave, and Apt613 Live. You can donate here. In particular, thanks, Ming, for playing our song Fault Lines on No Filter (you can listen to the archived show here if you missed it the first time). The radio show Ladies First will also be playing our music, so make sure you tune into CHUO FM on Thursday!

Don’t forget to keep voting for us for Searchlight and send in your #EndVAW selfies for our Fault Lines music video!

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