Searchlight Round 2


This gal’s excited to make it to Round 2! (Christine)

We made it to round 2 of CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist! Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us! We have met so many great folks through this contest – it’s been so much fun. Please keep voting for us every day!

We’ve mentioned before that Searchlight has been a fun way to discover new music. We compiled our own #Searchlight playlist of electro music:

1. Manny Goossen Music – Step into the Light (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
2. Girl Meets Bear – Ignore (Toronto, Ontario)
3. Accretion.of.Planetesimals – Volcopera (Burk’s Falls, Ontario)
4. Honeybeard – Stretch in the Evening (Toronto, Ontario)
5. Almost Prfect – Next One (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
6. Candace Curr– Hear Me (Vancouver, British Columbia)
7. Chersea Music – The Wolf (Port Coquitlam, British Columbia)
8. postmoderndisco – Chasing Memories (Scarborough, Ontario)
9. Oaka – Eternity (Calgary, Alberta)
10. Scary Bear Soundtrack – Fault Lines (Cambridge Bay, Nunavut)

Check out the playlist here!

Most importantly however, we’ve been busy working with Mailyne Briggs to make a music video for our song Fault Lines. We want photos of you holding signs that say “End violence against women” to use in the music video. Send them in! More details here.

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