Food Bank Fundraiser

We had a fantastic turnout at the food bank fundraiser on Saturday! A huge thanks to everyone who came out to support this great cause, including the other performers! We had a wonderful time performing, especially with our guest guitarist Talia Magsagak!

coffeehouse - sbs with talia

performing with Talia Magsagak

coffeehouse - sbs with talia side

coffehouse - sbs

coffee house - sbs little girls


little girls enjoying our cover of a song from the movie “Frozen”


coffeehouse - ashley and boy    a performance by Ashley Otokiak

We also want to thank CBC Nunavut for interviewing us last week about our experience with CBC Music’s Searchlight! We’re also super pleased that our new song “Fault Lines” was featured as an early standout on CBC Music.  CBC producer Andrea Warner wrote: “the band evokes its Nunavut-in-winter landscape with this dreamy, icy, spacious, synth-pop gem. There’s something haunting about the duo’s whisper-like vocals floating over the driving beat and then the fade-out for the final image, delivered with bittersweet clarity: ‘Learn to walk with broken legs.'”  You can read it here.

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