The end of February and February Album Writing Month

Well, February Album Writing Month went by quickly! We managed to reach our goal of writing fourteen songs in twenty-eight days. In addition to writing fourteen songs, our goal was to write about things that start with B, and with every song having a different music genre.

We ended up writing about:
1. Bacon (circus waltz)
2. Beards (pop rock)
3. Bouncy castle (lounge)
4. Beer (country)
5. Board game (80s new wave)
6. Bread (60s pop)
7. Babe (jazz)
8. Battlestar Galactica (electronica)
9. Babies (blues)
10. Beth (garage rock)
11. Blanket Burrito (trip hop)
12. Bears (shoegazing)
13. Baths (afro-pop, world music)
14. Bulgogi (hardcore, grindcore, metal)

If you want to listen to all fourteen of our hastily written fourteen songs, you can listen to it here:

Throughout the process, we were able to meet so many other talented artists through FAWM, and we appreciate everyone’s encouragement and appreciation of our music. Our trip hop song Blanket Burrito was played on last week’s FAWMcast as well as on the British radio show Shameless Promotion. You can listen to the mixcloud stream of his radio show here. Thanks Jeff!

Our anti-anti-gluten song “Can’t Go Gluten-Free” was also featured on the top favourites list on the American site Pop Mythology. Online radio stations such as We Are The New Underground has continuously been playing our music and we appreciate their support for independent musicians!

Thank you everyone for your support and helping us to feel a part of a great musical community.

Our performance opening for Elisapie Isaac at the Kitikmeot Trade Show last month was also covered in the Nunavut News North newspaper. Thanks Dana for writing about the event!

NNSL February 2015 Kitikmeot Trade Show

March is going to be a fun but busy month for us. Besides doing the Cambridge Bay Food Bank Fundraiser on March 21, we’ll be entering CBC Music’s Searchlight again this year. We’ll continue working on our Fault Lines video project and in the most exciting news, we’re going to aim to finish recording our new album this year. Stay tuned, friends!

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