The Fault Lines Project

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NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: We are collaborating with the talented visual artist Mailyne Briggs of Dream Love Grow to create a music video for our song Fault Lines. Part of this music video will feature selfies taken by women everywhere of themselves holding a sign that says “End Violence Against Women”. We’ll also be posting these selfies on the Fault Lines Project website.

We want your help! Send us your #EndVAW #ProjectFaultLine selfies (instructions here) to post online and include in the music video, and help us spread the word! And make sure you check out the Fault Lines Project website:

selfie - Christine

Selfie - Gloria

Also, a big thanks to Meter Bridge for naming us as one of their new band recommendations in their interview with The Blog that Celebrates Itself.



selling band merch (with kimchi and sushi) at the community market

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