ending violence against women: Fault Lines

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School has started again for a lot of people, including Christine, who is a distance learning student at Simon Fraser University. It’s also an important time to talk about campus sexual assaults and violence against women generally. It is a major problem, unfortunately, and there have been no shortage of stories in the news about victims and how society deals with them (Steubenville, Emma Sulkowicz’s Mattress Performance, to name a few).

We wrote our new song Fault Lines in direct response to these issues, based on personal stories and the news. The idea is that every woman lives on a fault line: every woman lives at risk of sexual violence. It is a fear that is in the back of every woman’s mind, and it is a reality that every woman has to deal with.  We wrote this song to capture that reality and also, to try to express hope for survivors. You are not alone, and you can live through this.

We have entered it in CBC Music’s Rock Your Campus competition. We thought that our song could serve as an important reminder in a national school-themed contest, and we hope that our song will help raising aware about sexual violence against women.

Lyrics to the song are here.

You can also vote for “Fault Lines” for CBC Music’s Rock Your Campus competition here.

We hope this song speaks to you. It is one of the most honest songs I have written.


fault lines

showing off in your father’s car
chasing girls, you’re the local star
you’re seventeen years old, and your future waits
you’re hanging around, you blast Rick Ross
unaware of the girls’ lives lost
you’re the hometown hero, and mom says you’d do no wrong

these days for you are games to be played
to be conquered and boasted and laid to waste
you were supposed to claim the victory and not the crime

when I woke up, I thought I was dead
they told me walk it off, with these broken legs
because boys will always do what you did to me
you’re hanging around, you laugh with the boys
unaware of the girls you destroyed
because you know that the heroes always win

these days for me are knives to the chest
forced to smile with each laboured breath
and every girl I know lives on a fault line

you left me for dead but i am not yet
i will learn to walk with broken legs

these days for me are incredible miracles
my future waits for me now to live for
and I won’t stay your jane doe anymore

you left me for dead but i am not yet
i will learn to walk with broken legs

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