World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. It’s also Embrace Life week in Nunavut, an initiative to bring awareness and support about the issue that troubles many people in our Northern communities. Suicide is major problem that is disproportionately high in Nunavut, especially among Inuit. Last year, there were more suicides in Nunavut than any other year (forty-five), causing the territory’s chief coroner to call for public inquest.

Today, we will be participating in the annual Embrace Life Walk that is held here in Cambridge Bay, and we hope that you will also do your part in raising awareness and providing support.

This is our song that we wrote last year after the Embrace Life Walk, and after the suicides that happened in town.  


We also made a little music video consisting of a montage of our  favourite summer moments of hanging out with our friends in Cambridge Bay, in the hopes of cheering ourselves up during the long hard winters with the nice memories.

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