coffeehouse fun

Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported us at the coffeehouse fundraiser on Saturday. We had a fantastic time.

We had so many kind souls who volunteered their baking skills for the bake sale portion of the fundraiser.  We were so touched by everyone’s generosity.

badminton fundraiser - baked goods

badminton fundraiser - baked goods2

My house was out of running water that morning so I went for the full messy rock star look.  We performed with a guest drummer, Nathan Ekpak Gray, who had just partied at his grad dance the night before, but managed to get to the show the next morning for his very first performance.

badminton fundraiser - nathan

badminton fundraiser - sbs

badminton fundraiser - with nathan other side

badminton fundraiser - with nathan

There was a great turn out. Even though the weather outside was gorgeous, lots of folks stopped by. We rocked until our bra straps popped.

badminton fundraiser - girls

We also loved Muskox Rodeo’s performance, who performed part of their set with their baby on stage.  Talk about a baby-rocking time.

badminton fundraiser - muskox rodeo with baby in back

badminton fundraiser - muskox rodeo with baby


We raised a bunch of money for the badminton team. On the way home, the potholes in the road beat my amp up way worse than any rock show. Thanks again, Cambridge Bay! You sure know how to make us feel special.


badminton fundraiser - long shot

badminton fundraiser - mason

Huge thank you to Mason for being our sound guy!

badminton fundraiser - puglikyour very own coffee served by Puglik


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