we love house shows

house show 2014 - acoustic set before playing


A huge thanks to everyone who came to our house show last night! We hope you all had as much fun as we did. It was a great night of live music, savoury snacks, and lovely company.  We raised hundreds of dollars that will be going towards benefitting disadvantaged families in need in Cambridge Bay.  Thank you! And a special thanks to our fellow band Muskox Rodeo who put on a rousing sweet performance that often brought tears to our eyes.

house show 2014 - acoustic set2

 Christine’s opening acoustic set


house show 2014 - muskox rodeo

Muskox Rodeo

house show 2014 - sbs1

 Scary Bear Soundtrack, featuring guest guitarist Robert Mayne


house show 2014 - sbs2

performing our new song “Grind”

house show 2014 - sbs3 uke

 a rare live acoustic performance of our song The Longest Night

house show 2014 - audience


thanks for coming, friends!


house show 2014 - christine's awesome shirt Christine’s awesome narwhal & donut tee-shirt


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