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We were so happy to hear that our song was played on CBC Radio One’s Definitely Not The Opera yesterday! Thanks, Sook-yin! It was a pretty awesome episode to be on, as well, with the theme of survival. If you missed the original airing and you want to check out the podcast (without the music), you can click here.

For today’s Searchlight Vlog episode, we talk about food in Nunavut.  We show you a grocery bill and also my lovely little Arctic garden!

Remember, proceeds from the sale of our song “Victoria Island” will go towards local community initiatives, including the local food bank. So if our discussion about the food situation in Nunavut interests you, why not check it out?


You should also check out this piece I wrote about anti-Aboriginal racism, and why I can no longer listen to the Flaming Lips with the same love and wonder that I used to.

We were at an Epicure party and somebody told us, “You were on my Google News.” What? Oh wow, we really were! Cool!

you're on google news



Remember to keep voting for us for CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist! We’re in the top 10 for all of Canada…will we make it to the top 4?

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