Avid Napper speaks!

Throughout this whole Searchlight competition, we have been getting all of the glory, but we want to remind everyone that our song The Longest Night could not have happened without the wonderful collaboration of Avid Napper (aka Charles Lynch). The Longest Night is part of split album that Scary Bear Soundtrack has been making with Avid Napper. Together, we co-write and co-record the music, emailing tracks back and forth across Canada. So remember to throw some love his way!

For today’s Searchlight vlog episode, Avid Napper takes over! Now you can find out what he looks & sounds like!

Part 2:

We love his solidarity hat. Check out his page here.

If you missed our interview on Yellowknife’s radio station CKLB FM on the My Voice My Choice radio show “Feel Real Radio, you can catch it again on the podcast here.

Also, you should tune into CBC Radio One’s Definitely Not the Opera today (Saturday) at 1:30PM Eastern Time. CBC radio host Sook-yin Lee will be spinning our tune!

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