Searchlight Top 10 in Canada

Great news! We’ve now made it to the Top Ten for CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist. We don’t have enough words to tell you how grateful we are for all of your support. The last few weeks have been overwhelming in terms of many wonderful things have happened to us, and we just wish we could have a dance party with all of you!

For this round of Searchlight, we’re going to be posting daily “vlogs” (video blogs), featuring messages from us and footage of life in Cambridge Bay. We’ve never tried vlogging before, so hopefully it will work!

Here’s our first vlog entry, taken at the weight room (where Christine and I first met!) while we were working out and listening to CBC Radio 1’s Trail’s End with Allison Devereaux, as she discussed the Searchlight results with Grant Lawrence. BONUS: We are sweaty and wearing no makeup whatsoever. We’re hard core like that.

If you haven’t seen the video for our song The Longest Night, you can check it out here on Youtube. Remember, you can download our songs, including the Longest Night and our 2012 EP album here on Bandcamp. We love getting “likes” on our Facebook page, and we’re pretty chatty on Twitter.

And please keep voting for us!

Sarah Rogers wrote a lovely article about us in one of Nunavut’s biggest newspaper, the Nunatsiaq, which you can read here:  Sarah Bradfield also wrote about us in the Nunavut News/North newspaper. We’re just so dazzled by all this attention!

A big thank you to Mark Christie for playing our song “The Longest Night” on his CFRT FM radio show Ilicit Iqaluit last week. And more thanks to the Ottawa CHUO FM radio show Ladies First for playing our older but still rockin’ tune “Beaver Pond Forest”. Our other songs like getting the love too!

Finally: Avid Napper – you are an awesome musical partner. Thank you!! You do not get nearly enough credit for your awesomeness.

news north article2


We made the Entertainment Notes in the Nunavut News/North newspaper!

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