an arctic photoshoot

Well, we did it. We promised you a certain outdoor Arctic photo shoot, if we made it to the next CBC Music Searchlight round, so we did it. A huge thanks to Denise Lebleu of Denise Lebleu Images for offering to go out into the freezing cold with us.
outdoor photo shoot - setting up

setting up on the frozen Arctic ocean, trying not to slip on the ice


outdoor photo shoot - standing

photo by Denise Lebleu – look at the beautiful colour of that ice!

outdoor photo shoot - lying

photo by Denise Lebleu – pretending not to be cold

Well, the next time we promise to pose outside on the ice in the bare minimum for your support, hopefully it won’t be -25 degrees with the windchill. Brrrrr!

outdoor photo shoot - arctic bikini close

It was waaaaaay colder than I was hoping (-25 feels pretty warm when you have a jacket on!) and just look at how red our legs were getting! But it was nothing that a hot cup of tea and a hot shower couldn’t fix.

outdoor photo shoot - arctic bikini far

Hope you enjoy the photos!And remember to make it all worth it by continuing to vote for us every day!

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