our picks for Searchlight Round 2

A huge thank you to Tamara Fairchild for playing our Searchlight song The Longest Night on her Modern Mixtape radio show on CFRT FM in Iqaluit. It’s so great to get some airplay in our own territory! And another heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been helping to spread the word about our brand new video for The Longest Night.

Now that we’ve moved into round 2 of CBC Music’s Searchlight contest for Canada’s Best New Artist, who are our new favourites for this round? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Of course, I highly encourage you to vote for “Team Mixtape” – the team of indie musicians across Canada that brought you the searchlight mixtape, which you should really check out. Those of us that made it through to Round 2 are as follows:

Besides Team Awesome Mixtape, here are some other great folks I’m supporting this round:

  • Backyard Dreaming (Montreal) – I’m really in love with the faraway sound of the background vocals from this band made of siblings. I wish they had more songs up so I could just keep listening. Vote for them so they can keep making songs!
  • Scott Lemoine (Ottawa) – When I first met this guy, it was at the bachelorette part of a mutual friend. We were doing karaoke at a bar in Vanier, and Scott blew my mind serenading the blushing bride with the most amazing rendition of Celine Dion’s “Power of Love”.  That night will be forever in my memories as epic.  If he can impress me that much with karaoke and Celine Dion, just imagine how he will impress you with his own originals.
  • Rachel Leclerc (Quebec City) – I met this sweet woman on Twitter, and she is the most enthusiastic tweeter I’ve seen during the whole Searchlight contest. She gets up early at 3AM to tweet. She also helps me practice tweeting in French.  You’ve got to support such an energetic spirit.
  • The Burn-ins (Elkford) – this band fronted by Kristine Lyall (no relation to the Inuit Lyall family in Nunavut, apparently) is from Elkford, British Columbia. Where the heck is Elkford? I looked it up on Google. Apparently they have a population of just a bit bigger than Cambridge Bay. It’s impressive to hear a band with such talent coming from a smallish town, so I’m happy to support them.
  • The Magician and the Gates of Love (Dease Lake) – …however, neither Elkford or Cambridge Bay is a match for Dease Lake, British Columbia, when it comes to tiny communities.  Look up Dease Lake on Google maps. There are, like, three streets and apparently some 300 people.  Cambridge Bay seems like a booming metropolis in comparison. And there is amazing music coming out of there! You will not be able to listen to their Searchlight track “I Want It All” without dancing. Piano! Horns! Catchy melodies! And is that a Clash influence?  Who would have thought?
  • Jamie Shea (Hamilton) – We’ve been voting for each other since Round 1. Jamie is the only other Searchlight entry I know besides us that has a song about getting lost in the snow in Northern Canada. Cool!  The similarity in theme, I mean, not the getting lost in the snow part. That would be freezing, not cool.

And remember to vote for us!
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i have given up on finding catchy slogans. But look! An Arctic hare!



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