presenting the searchlight mixtape

Hi everyone!

We’re so excited to tell you about this latest project we’ve gotten involved in.  A bunch of musicians from across Canada have gathered together (well, online, rather than physically…Canada’s a big country) to create a mixtape.  Just for you! Free!

So if you’re looking for some music to listen to, you can download this mixtape for free here, or stream it online, or whatever you want to do.

(also, don’t forget to vote for us today for CBC Music’s Searchlight Contest for Canada’s Best New Artist! Today, and every day till we get kicked out of the contest…)


16 indie bands from across Canada meet for the first time and release a promotional mixtape all in one week

March 31, 2014: Within one week 16 indie bands from across the country met on the internet, loosely associated themselves with each other, and acted as a team to release a cross-promotional, “searchlight mixtape”. The platform that allowed them to find each other was CBC Music’s Searchlight, an internet competition in which fans vote for regional bands across Canada. Bands are known to trade votes by encouraging their own fans to vote for other acts they might partner with, a popular strategy that is encouraged by CBC Music. However, these 16 bands took it in a new direction by not requiring vote-swapping, and instead pooling resources to create a shared promotional item and social media platform. Even though the bands had never heard each other’s music before, and were from all corners of Canada (including two from within the arctic circle), they found a group of like-minded artists to put out a cohesive album of a sample of Canada’s musical landscape. The idea first came to Predator/Prey and Erin Saoirse Adair, two bands who had met on the first day of the competition through email and were discussing cross promotional ideas. Noticing that they were discovering amazing artists in all regions of Canada, they quickly realized that beyond votes, an opportunity for an amazing mixtape was presenting itself. Both bands reached out to their discoveries, and from them got support, as well as other suggestions of great artists. The mixtape and links to the bios of the 16 bands is hosted as a zipped mp3 bundle on Predator/Prey’s website, as a downloadable stream on Soundcloud, and a stream on CBC Music (see links below). The music on it, as well as the loose association of bands reflects an eclectic mix of the best discoveries in the first week of the contest. It ranges from dark intricate folk to soulful trip-hop to murder-bluegrass balads to post-rock.






Moonriser (Halifax) –
David Newberry (Vancouver) –
Skye Wallace (Vancouver) –
Predator/Prey (Yellowknife) –
IsKwe (Winnipeg) –
Erin Saoirse Adair (Ottawa) –
Dana Sipos (Yellowknife) –
Solhounds (Winnipeg) –
Megabro (Edmonton) –
Scary Bear Soundtrack featuring Avid Napper (Iqaluit) –
Old Cabin (Whitehorse) –
Murder Murder (Sudbury) –
Rob Mitchell (Kitchener-Waterloo) –
Stanton Paradis (Vancouver) –
Danniel Oickle (Montreal) –
Clio Em (Calgary) –

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