Let the land come heal you

So let’s talk about mental health.

Mental health is one of the biggest social issues that folks deal with here in Nunavut. Many folks struggle with these issues, which are aggravated by poverty, domestic violence, suicide, isolation, alcoholism & substance addiction, colonialism, the trauma of residential school, and limited resources to get support for these problems. Then you throw in the long cold sunless winters that has everybody feeling like they have no energy.

We wrote a song a while ago called “On the Land” encouraging people to reach out for help when they feel they need it. We made a music video to go with it, showing our favourite summer memories hanging out with good friends. The road to healing is a long one, and there are no simple solutions for these issues. One song will not solve all of life’s problems, but we’re hoping it will at least remind us of the good days when we have bad ones. Enjoy!

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