Great news! Our music video Beaver Pond Forest will be screened at the Ottawa International Film Festival this Sunday October 6, at the Mansion. This beautiful music video was shot by the talented Toni van Eeden of PaleAfrikaan Media in the South March Highlands. If you want to attend and cheer on our video on the big screen, you can find the details on the event here. Wish us luck!

In equally exciting news, band member Gloria recently won a writing prize for her short story, The Mercy of the Loon, awarded by the NorthWords NWT. She’ll be interviewed live on air on the CBC North radio show Trail’s End, tomorrow October 2 at 5:40PM Mountain Time (7:40PM EST), if you want to hear her being interviewed by CBC host Allison Devereaux.

Finally, our house show scheduled for this weekend has been moved to Saturday October 19, 2013, to accommodate the opening act’s travel schedule. We’re hoping to see a bunch of people from the community come out to enjoy our tunes!

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