thank you

A big fat warm thank you to everyone who came out last night to support us at our music video release party / final show! The night was a wonderful success, and we were happy to be able to make a donation to the South March Highlands Carp River Conservation with part of our proceeds.  In particular we’d like to thank:

  • Marcus Lamoureux of Skullcap Promotions for organizing the fantastic event
  • The Apartment613 folks, especially Trevor Pritchard, Ryan Saxby Hill, and Karen Diepeveen for having us on their CHUO radio show and lending us their projector
  • Allison Button of Mod Mischief
  • filmmaker Toni van Eeden, for her terrific work in making the music video
  • Our wonderful actors for the music video: Michael Curley, Esther Song, Dannik Leduc, Christine Lowe, Ainslie Lahey, Matt Farrier, Nicole Pontes, Diliana Toteva and Sidney! Thanks for letting us throw food on you!
  • Supporting bands Elizabeth Hodsgon, Alex Harea, and HIGHS, who drove all the way from Toronto
  • Julie Cruikshank for her great article about us on Apartment613
  • Daytime Ottawa, for lettings us go on TV again
  • Lenny Wu, for having us as a guest host on your Wildworks radio show
  • Alan Neal, for interviewing us on CBC Radio 1’s All in a Day and performing the most thoughtful analysis of our songs’ lyrics ever on air
  • Julie Lalonde, for featuring us on her Third Wave radio show
  • Ming Wu, for letting us come on your Photogmusic Live radio show and play our tunes, and for taking photos at our show
  • All of our friends who came out to support us!

We’ll miss you all in the new few years while we take a break, but rest assured we’ll continue to write and record music, and when we come back, we’ll be ready to rock again!

scary bear sign

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