house show

what a great house show in the basement last night! my knuckles hurt from punching the roof. we rocked out so hard we blew out my amp. we witnessed possibly the first moshpit in history ever moshed to a song about periods. we played our song “Time to Riot” in support of Pussy Riot and political expression, and our song “Asian Fetishist” in the hopes of maybe one day seeing my face on your hundred dollar bill? we also screened for the first time our spanking brand new music video Beaver Pond Forest. thanks to all the enthusiastic kids that made it happen!

if you missed the party last night, have no fear. we’ll be performing at FestivAsia, Chinatown’s arts festival, today in front of Kowloon Market (712 Somerset Street West) from 2 to 4PM. It will likely be our last show for a while (one of the band members is getting married in a month!), so come check us out!

One thought on “house show

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