taking a break…but just a short one

we’ve been alluding to big news lately, and we wish it wasn’t sad, but it isn’t all bad news. Dannik and Ainslie are both starting college in the fall (Ainslie’s actually moving to Toronto for the school year), and I (Gloria) will be moving to the African country of Namibia for the same time to work in human rights law. As you can imagine, Toronto-Ottawa-Namibia is quite the long distance, so the band has decided to take a brief hiatus until spring next year. We’ve had a wonderful couple of months together and we’re going to miss each other a lot, but we’ll definitely be back at it again next spring.

I promised it wouldn’t all be bad news:

1. During our time off, we’ll be recording a brand new record. This means that when you see us again next year, we’ll have tunes for you to enjoy in the comfort of your cosy bedroom! In fact, there’s a good chance that the next time we perform next year, it will be at our very own album release party!

2. You can follow my adventures on my travel blog (http://rungloriarun.blogspot.com) which has chronicled all of my global wanderings, including the West coast, Europe, Asia, and now Africa. Last time I lived abroad (in the Netherlands), I discovered and became part of the intimate music community that comprises the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild, so here’s hoping that the face of Scary Bear Soundtrack will continue in Africa…

3. You all still have one last chance to see us before we go on break. We will be playing at the next Basement Artist series on Saturday July 23 at Babylon, which is this fantastic music and art show. Because this will probably be our last show for a while, we’re going all out. free treats. costumes. new tunes. maybe even strobe lights. and of course, the bear. DON’T MISS THIS. Show happens from 7 to 11PM. Cover is $15 at the door, but we will be selling advance tickets for $10 so definitely e-mail us (scarybearsoundtrack@gmail.com) if you want cheaper admission!

Basement Artists’ Music and Art Show: with Matt Groopie & the Bandits
Saturday July 23, 2011
@ Babylon Nightclub (317 Bank Street)
art show and performance
$10 in advance / $15 at the door – tickets available from band (email us!)

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