cafe nostalgica

gotta love going to bed with your ears ringing from the sounds of your own self rocking out. what a fantastic night we had. We headlined the Women and Eclectic Sound show hosted by Women’s World 2011 and there was a wonderful turn out, despite the fact that awesome rockers Kinnie Starr and Tanya Tagaq were playing the same night elsewhere. The WW2011 folks set up a lovely stage under a tent on the patio of Cafe Nostalgica, which made for the perfect setting of hot sweaty bodies rocking out at sunset, just like how our caveman ancestors rocked out.

Highlights of the night included:

* Random people walking past the show, stopping, listening, and then breaking out dancing in the streets.

* Some guy who smelled like gasoline offered to be our promoter.

* Everybody ate the Scary Bear cookies I baked! Yes!

and big big thanks go out to:

* Narmeen, Celeste, and the other WW2011 organizers for making this all happen

* Ainslie’s mom Rosalie who never seems to fail to be awesome and so supportive

* Kevin for hauling our gear to the gig

* Rob for hauling our gear from the gig

* Our friends who showed up to hang out with us

* Those girls in the front that cheered enthusiastically after every song

* the dancers

* Gasoline man.

We also made our big announcement at the show. We’ll be posting our big announcement here tomorrow. Stay tuned! In the meantime, if you were at the show and you took photos or videos, could you please send us the link in the “comments” section? We’d love to see them!


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