updates & our next show

figured out how to add music! now you can listen to some of our demos here. if you want more, don’t worry! we’re in the process of recording new tracks with Curtis Chaffey. stay tuned.

also, thanks to the Boys of Bytown, the facebook event for our next show is up. this time, we’re headlining (!!) the “Women and Eclectic Sound” event at Cafe Nostalgica on Monday July 4, held as part of Women’s World 2011. We’re excited to be a part of this global feminist conference and even more excited to have an evening full of lady musicians and their lovely lady sounds. so come by and check out this FREE show. the party starts at 7PM and ends by 11PM, so all you government working stiffs can be up in time for work the next morning, with your ears still ringing from great music.


finally, we’ve got some big announcements coming soon.

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