Choral music is good “morning after folk” music

Thanks to everyone who came out to catch our acoustic performance last night at the Masonic Hall for Rasputin’s Beard. Especially to our parents who stayed up past their bedtime to finally see what their daughters were up to.  And also to the Newport Restaurant for making us feel like rock stars by randomly giving us a FREE PIZZA. oh yeah. We felt super lucky to have taken part in this special evening and were very happy to meet the Ottawa folk musicians that make up the Spirit of Rasputin’s community.

also, it was just pretty darn awesome to play at the Masonic Hall.

home of the world's oldest fraternal society the Freemasons, and also Firm & Fit Boot Camp

if you need some more music for your weekend (and more of our ever-so-talented keyboardist Dannik), you should check out the Southminster Chamber Choir, who will be performing choral pieces this evening:!/event.php?eid=126395454110367

A Serenade in Summertime, featuring the Southminster Chamber Choir

Southminster United Church – 15 Aylmer Avenue (Bank & the Rideau Canal)


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