Rasputin’s Beard show tonight at the Masonic Hall

despite the raging headache i had from celebrating St-Jean-Baptiste Day last night in Gatineau, i got up early to bake some Scary Bear cupcakes for our Rasputin’s Beard show tonight at the Masonic Hall in Westboro.

mmmm violent cupcakes.

tonight, not only can you look forward to these delicious free cupcakes portraying extreme cruelty against animals, but also our brand new song called “I’d Like It Better” we’ll be playing in celebration of the gay marriage bill passed last night in New York.  it’s gonna be a pretty neat show in general, different from our usual ones int hat it’s going to be stripped down, acoustic, and featuring lots of glockenspiel.  we’ll also have our sweet t-shirts available for sale.  so make sure you come out tonight! (yes, we said “come out”).

Saturday, June 25, 2011 at the Westboro Masonic Hall (430 Churchill)
also with docweissband, Call Me Katie, and Dave Andrews
doors open at 7:30PM – no cover / pay what you can


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